Should I Be Filing My Nails With A Glass Nail File?

Better for your nails, better for the planet - we're sold!

As far as our beauty routines go, our nails are often something that can go forgotten. Sure, we treat ourselves to a shellac mani when and where we can, but for the most part, we pick at, chip and even bite at them, leaving them telling the tale.

When you find yourself in a nail emergency, what do you reach for? Usually, any old file that will do the job best. But, what if we told you you might need to be wiser with your file choices?

Those flimsy, disposable paper and emery nail files are doing not just the planet some harm, but your nails too. Many people are making the switch from more common paper and cardboard files to glass and crystal ones instead, and the results speak for themselves.

Why are they better for your nails?

The fine-grit a glass file has is much more gentle on your nails. The usual paper and cardboard files we’re much more used to seeing can rip and tear the edges of your nails. Although they may look smooth at the time, they actually leave your nails open to more breaks and cracks down the line.

Glass and crystal files have enough grit to file down and shape your nails, but not enough that they’ll cause damage. It will leave the tips of your nails with a sealed edge, rather than the usual jagged edge we’re more used to seeing.

Can I use them on any nails? 

Whether you have shellac, nail extensions or your fingertips are au natural you can use a glass nail file on them. Its gentle nature means that it won’t cause any damage to your nails once used the right way.

Are they Durable?

Glass nail files are a great alternative to switch to if you’re looking for ways to make you beauty routine more environmentally friendly. Crystal and glass nail files don’t wear down, meaning you can use them again and again over the years – providing you take care of them. To keep them in tip-top condition it’s recommended that you soak them in hot soapy water to sterilised.

Keeping your file clean is key to avoiding nasty nail infections.

Here are some gorgeous glass files to get you started.

brushworks Crystal Glass File

Brushworks Crystal Glass File – €3.95

Tweezerman Glass Nail File


LEIGHTON DENNY Large Crystal Nail File – €24


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