The Secrets To Getting The Perfect Fake Tan Every Time, With Sally Hansen

STELLAR Promotion: Sally Hansen brand ambassador Pamela Laird shares her golden rules.

Find fake tanning a tricky skill to master? Sally Hansen Ambassador Pamela Laird shares her top tips to get a perfect glow, every time. 

Pam’s Golden Rules

1 Make sure to exfoliate regularly rather than just doing it the night before your tan because you don’t want to try applying it on top of raw skin. Your prep starts for the next time the second you put tan on!

2 Only moisturise really dry areas before tan application. So many of the moisturisers now have fragrances in them which is great, but it can affect the tan so I would make sure you’re moisturising ahead of time.

3 As for tan application – your mitt is key, just make sure it’s clean. Put all your mitts in the washing machine and get them clean and fresh so you’re not getting old tan, especially if it has oxidised and turned green.

4 Your mitt is going to give you an even coverage for you whole body but you’ve got to have a brush handy for your hands and feet. That’s going to give you a really nice, even coverage. Whereas if you’re applying the tan to your whole body, the mitt is saturated in tan so by the time you get to your hands and feet it will result in over-applying.

Which Airbrush formula is right for you?

Airbrush Legs Spray, €13.95

“This is the OG product, the hero and the legend, and basically makes your legs look bronzed. If your goal is covering imperfections like bruises or to mask cellulite, it does that too. We couldn’t love it more!”

Airbrush Legs Lotion, €16.95

“Sally Hansen Airbrush Lotion is a go-to instant tan. The lotion is easy to blend and you can use it all over! Like the Airbrush Legs Spray, this lotion is also instant.”

Airbrush Sun Self-Tanning Mousse, €13.95

“If you want a longer lasting (seven days) developing tan, choose the Mousse. Apply it with a clean mitt, use a brush to lightly apply it to hands and feet, and let it dry fully before dressing. Apply to clean skin before bed, sleep in it and you’ll wake up gorgeously bronzed, but it does start to develop and show colour after an hour.”

Available from pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide, or buy now online here


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