This Is The Nail Polish Shade Everyone Wants For Winter 2021

Once again, we're ditching the pastels for the deep, darker shades.


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Winter is upon us and like clockwork, we switch from wanting bright pink and turquoise nails, to ones that would give Kourtney K a run for her money.

This year is no different and while we always have a few colours that are heavy hitters; red, black, gold and green, it’s the latter that’s seriously paving the way this season. A shade called forest green to be precise.

According to Pinterest reports, the platform has seen a 75% surge in users searching for dark green nails, with everyone looking to rock the shade this winter.

From polish to Shellac and acrylic, the colour is popular among everyone and if you’re looking for some inspo or cool way to incorporate the shade on your paws this season, then look no further.

Include the shade by working it in as nail art.

We love this mix of dark green and light green with a neutral base. Everyone is putting their own twist on manicures this year with funky tips and shapes, and this one is perfect for giving your nails a wintery but fun look.


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Go matte with your colour

We love how rich the shade looks in matte polish on the pinky and thumb finger while the centre features some clear polish and design lengthening the hand, as well as another shade of green for that festive feel.

Keeping things simple

If you’ve got short nails or your nails are in need of a good file, a simple and slick coat of colour is often the perfect wintery pop. We love this high shine, short nail lewk!


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Add some jewellery to draw more attention

Whatever you decide to do with your green nails, whether you’re keep it to the one block colour or going all out with design, adding some accessories will bring your look to the next level and draw some well deserved attention to those mitts. Our jewels of choice? Chunky gold rings.


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