This New Range Of False Eyelashes Is Specially Designed For Chemo Patients

The lashes were created by cancer survivor Codilia Gapare.

Many cancer survivors say that losing their hair was one of the hardest things to deal with – this new range of fake eyelashes could make the experience a little easier.

C-LASH falsies are designed specifically for chemo patients, and created by breast cancer survivor Codilia Gapare.

Codilia initially launched the product herself, but last year partnered with false lash company Eylure to bring it to Boots stores across the UK and Ireland.

The C-LASH lashes come with a larger, invisible band that makes them easier to attach to the eyelid, giving the lashes a more solid foundation to ensure they remain in place all day.

Speaking to Metro, Codilia shared the thought process behind the product:

Being black, we always play with our hair. Losing my hair was a big deal. No one talks about how much hair you lose though. I lost my eyelashes, eyebrows, pubes, underarm hair.

“I wasn’t prepared to lose my lashes. When they started to thin out, I bought fake ones, but I struggled because it took off all the remaining hair,” she continued.

“I didn’t do it for attention, I just wanted to feel like myself. You want your face to feel like your face.”

The lashes comes in three styles – Naturals, Lengthening, and Volume – and are available for €7.49 on, and in stores from March. Gorge.