Sunny Weather Got You Craving A Good Book? Here’s 5 Of Our Fave Summer Reads

A good book + sunshine = heaven

Now that the sun has finally started to shine, we’re fully embracing the WFH lifestyle. For those of us that can, this means spending as much time as possible out in the back garden.

No longer do we want to spend our evenings in that lockdown limbo of endless Netflix marathons, but instead we can soak up some sunshine outside.

It’s the time of year where we’re looking for some seriously good reads to keep us entertained whilst we sunbathe and although this year we won’t be doing that by the pool on holidays, we’ll still be embracing that mindset and picking up some great summer reads.

Here are our top five that we’ll be reading in the sunshine over the next few weeks.

Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but this one certainly made us want to dive straight in. Written by Grazia journalist, Daisy Buchanan, this is a whip-smart, stunning debut novel.

It follows Violet, fresh out of a relationship and also not speaking to her best friend, as she tries to navigate her twenties when nothing is going right.

Described as a ‘love story for greedy girls’ it delves into all aspects of female sexuality as she begins a work relationship with couple Lottie and Simon that soon begins to spill into her personal life too. You will devour this book, it’s delicious.

The Juggle by Emma Murray

If, like all of us, you’re need of a good laugh we’d suggest Emma Murray’s latest. When Saoirse’s husband loses his job, she suddenly becomes the sole earner for the family.

However the multiple lifestyle changes begin to take their toll on the family as she goes from working part-time to full-time, stay-at-home mum to career woman, and her husband switching from breadwinner to house husband. Something has to give.

Emma Murray is known for capturing modern motherhood so well, and this book does that in spades. It’s thoughtful, realistic, and laugh out loud funny.

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

Jetting off to a remote tropical island sounds idyllic for sisters Lori and Ellen but things soon take a sinister twist. This holiday quickly becomes anything but paradise and will have you hooked from start to finish.

Golden sunsets, secret beaches and a missing sister creates a suspenseful page turner that’s ideal for some lockdown escapism. It’s also the closest we’re getting to sandy beaches and turquoise oceans for a while, so a great read to be gripped by.

Other Women by Cathy Kelly

When Sunday Times bestseller Cathy Kelly has a new book out, you grab it with both hands. Her latest read, Other Women, has just been released and is ideal if you’re looking for an easy read in the sunshine.

The story follows three women Main, Sid and Bea who are all friends and are at different points in their lives.

Sid as she unexpectedly becomes friends with Finn, and is having her own When Harry Met Sally moment as they try to prove they can remain just friends.

Bea has a deep secret which she hides from everyone, and although she is a fierce believer in love and romance her world revolves around her son, Luke.

Finally, we have Marin who seems to have the perfect life, but she has a shopping problem and can’t stop comparing herself to everyone else in her life.

This is such a light, funny and enjoyable read, it will have you both laughing and empathising with the characters in equal measure.

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

This best-selling author is really flexing her romance writing muscles with this one. Lovers of Beth’ first two books, The Switch and The Flatshare will be glued to her latest novel, The Road Trip.

The story sees two separate cars on their way to the same wedding and along the way get into a little accident which results in them having to carpool together. What you think is the perfect meet-cute actually turns out to be a pair of exes jam-packed into a car for hours, when they haven’t spoken in two years. But, could this actually be a good thing for Dylan and Addie?

It’s a smart, funny and totally gorgeous light-hearted read. Ideal for a sunny summer afternoon when all you want to do is get stuck into a good book.