5 Reasons It’s Totally Okay NOT To Go To The Gym Today

Struggling to find motivation? You deserve a break, girl. Here's why skipping that sweat sesh could in fact be good for you...

Fit Girl At The Gym

1. You need a rest day

You’ve been slaying it on the treadmill and breaking major sweat on the bike every day this week, and if you’re being completely honest, you’re kinda exhausted. Now is the time to take time out. A day off won’t just allow you to re-energise and repair muscle damage, it’ll also help you to hit the gym with fresh enthusiasm the next day. Not convinced? Training every day without a proper day’s rest means you’ll run the risk of injury, so have a day off before you hurt yourself.

2. You’re building muscle

Aching all over from that intense strength training sesh? Excessive muscle soreness (think pain that lasts three days or more) is a clear sign you need to take some time off and sit out a workout or two. Be sure to aid your recovery with proper hydration and nutrition, and incorporate a few stretches too. Worried you’ll lose definition by having a day off? Stress less, it takes a full seven days for muscles to begin to soften.

3. You’re sleepy

Zzz. Clinging to your duvet extra tight this morning? You might be overtraining, and in turn that can wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern. Sometimes an extra hour in bed can be just as energising as a workout, so allow yourself the time to recharge if you’re feeling completely sleep deprived. Your body will thank you.

4. Overtraining can cause you to plateau

Reckon you’ll need to bust a nut at the gym every single day to see proper results? Nuh-uh lady friend, research suggests quite the opposite. Exhausting yourself on a daily basis actually causes your progress to flatline, and that means you’ll eventually hit a training plateau. Taking a day or two out on the other hand will allow your body time to adapt to each workout, and grow faster and stronger.

5. It’s good for you mentally

Thanks to the rush of endorphins we feel after a workout, exercise is great for putting us in an amazing mood, but it’s true, you can have too much of a good thing. Over time, exercising without rest can have the opposite effect, as putting too much stress on your body can lead to the overproduction of cortisol, a hormone known to make you irritable and cranky. Skip that spinning class or weights sesh, and nab a friend for a coffee instead. The gym will still be there tomorrow.