6 Lazy Girl Exercises You Can Do In Front Of The TV

Er, who says you can't get fit on the couch? Try these moves during your next Netflix binge and you'll be gym-class ready in no time.

We all know it can be a struggle to get up and go to the gym after a long day at work, but you don’t need fancy equipment or a sweaty exercise class to get fit. Oh no, these exercises can be done in the comfort of your living room, so stick on Made In Chelsea or Pretty Little Liars, and tone up with these couch-friendly moves.

1. Crunches


Crunches will give you the perfect view of the telly while toning your abs at the same time. Simply lie on the floor and place your hands behind your neck for support, then tightening your stomach muscles, reach your head towards the ceiling. Aim to get three sets of 20 sit-ups done before the first ad break. Go!

2. Alternating lunges and squats


These can be done in reps of 20. Just remember to keep your back straight and knee over your toe when lunging, and knees over toes in a seated position when squatting. If you want to up the intensity grab two bottles of water and use them as weights while you complete your sets.

3. Tricep dips

Tricep dip

This fat-busting arm exercise can be done in front of the couch. Simply place your hands on the edge of the seat, then slowly lower yourself by bending your elbows. Wanna work it harder? Straighten your legs for added burn.

4. Planks


Want to work your core by the couch? Planks target your abdominal muscles, build core strength and also work your legs and arms. Getting into push-up position, pull your belly button in towards your back and tighten your bum. Hold this for 30 seconds if possible, and repeat three times.

5. Push-ups

Push ups

These can be done on your knees or with your legs out straight, and they work most of the major upper body muscles. Place your hands shoulder width apart, drop yourself down and then push yourself back up. Try to do five of these, four times. Note to self though: do these during the ad break as you’ll be facing down and won’t be able to see the TV.

6. Burpees


They may be considered the exercise from hell but they are SO good for building muscles throughout the whole body: arms, legs, core; you name it! Even fitting in a few of these will get your heart rate up and help you break a sweat. Aim for two or three burpees per ad break and it will make a big difference to your workout. Remember to include the jump in the air at the end to get the full effect of the exercise.


By Pippa Doyle