Burgers, Bread And Bacon?! So Gigi Hadid’s Diet Is Surprisingly Normal

The VS model recently revealed everything that she eats in a day.

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There’s an old myth that says models get by on lettuce leaves and water, sticking only to a minimum amount of calories to stay in shape for fashion editorials and runway shows.

But guess what? That old stereotype just ain’t true, and as every health conscious person knows keeping fit requires an adequate amount of all the food groups (think protein, fat and carbs) to keep your body working at its best.

Take Gigi Hadid’s diet as a case in point. Her pre-show bod isn’t achieved through dramatic calorie cuts or swearing off certain foods. Nope, the model recently revealed her list of daily eats to Harper’s Bazaar and it’s surprisingly, well, normal.

Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret 2016

Here’s what’s on her menu.


Up first for Gigi is a breakky we’ll bet your mum has rustled up for you on many an occasion: scrambled egg and toast, washed down with a big old cup of coffee. See, we told you it was normal.

If Gigi’s chowing down on this simple dish at home, she’ll add beans, and if she’s eating out? You best believe it: she’s ordering bacon on the side.


Gigi’s a big fan of NYC eatery’s JG Melon’s burgers, so it’s no surprise that a bun and patty creation often makes her midday meal. “They’re just super-simple, they just don’t try too hard, and it’s so good,” she explains. Fair enough.

If she fancies a light lunch instead, she’ll keep it clean with a fresh arugula salad.

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The model’s evening meal is just as simple and she regular opts for some sushi from Japanese restaurant Bondi Street. Delish.

Gigi Hadid Ice Cream


A girl after our own heart, Gigi is a big fan of snacks. Her nibble of choice? It’s ice-cream! Speaking of her favourite ice-cream joint, she told Harper’s Bazaar “One day it was closed and I almost cried.” We feel you, girl.

In another interview with SELF, Gigi revealed that she keeps snacks like salami, chips, hummus, carrots, and fruit stashed away to keeping her going through the day too.

See? Not a lettuce leaf in sight.

While we’ve no doubt she keeps things clean about 80% of the time, it’s good to know all the normal stuff, like burgers, bacon, ice-cream and bread feature in Gigi’s diet too.


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