Overindulged? Here’s How To Undo All Of The Binging And Beat The Bloat Before NYE

We've ate, drank and been merry and now we're on a mission to look deadly in that gorgeous figure-hugging New Year's Eve dress.

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So, you said you’d try to be super good this festive season and not overindulge, but that, er, just didn’t happen. Now the thought of getting into that gorge bandage dress you bought for New Year’s is not only seeming unappealing but wholly unlikely that you’ll even be able to squeeze it over your boobs. #Damn.

But don’t panic. Those excess pounds you reckon you’ve gained are mostly just excess bloat, and the good news is, you can totally shift that before the big NYE bash rolls around. Here’s how…

1. Create a (small) calorie deficit

So, we’re not saying you should cut back to teeny tiny portions but creating a small calorie deficit over the next couple of days can have a massive impact. Head to IIFYM.com where you’ll be able to work out how many calories you should be consuming on the daily to fire up fat burning, as well the exact protein, carb and fat ratios that are right for your bod.

2. Limit gluten, lactose and sugar

Don’t worry we don’t mean for life, only for the day of NYE. Most of us have a small intolerance to all three but not enough of an intolerance to go completely cold-turkey forever. However, if you’re trying to fit into a dress after your Christmas binge you may want to steer clear of these irritants as they are known to cause bloating. Instead stock up on fruit, veg, protein-rich foods and gluten-free products.

3. Try a tea

Peppermint tea is only deadly at sorting digestive issues and helping to shift stubborn bloating, so pour yourself a cup or two a day for a leaner tummy. Not a tea drinker? The fit fam are big fans of apple cider vinegar for its bloat-nixing powers, but be warned, it’s pretty pungent and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Take a swig of it before each carb-heavy meal to really see a difference.

4. Squeeze in a cheeky sweat sesh or two

We get it, you’re sluggish and you’re wondering how much of a difference a couple of workouts can really make. Well, the good news is, that any exercise helps to move bloat-causing gas along and out of the system. The even better news is that we’re not asking you to do cardio in your post-food coma state. Nope, for extra fat burn, try a few resistance-based workouts. They’re ace at tapping into your fat stores and will keep your metabolism fired up the whole day through. Score.

5. Pour yourself a glass of wine

You heard us right there, ladypal. Allow yourself a glass of vino the night before your NYE party. It’s a tactic bodybuilders use ahead of a competition to ensure they flush out any remaining fluids before appearing on stage the next day – and hey, if it works for them, it’ll work for you too.


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