Five Home Workouts We’re Totally Loving For Getting Fit In The Sitting Room

Tried and tested!

I’m obsessed with everything 90s. From the fashion to the music and so, home workouts make me think of my childhood, when my mom was obsessed with Mr Motivator and would require ‘space’ in the sitting room on a Tuesday evening to take his ‘class’.

Now all grown up myself, I’ve sadly become my Mam (funny how that works?!) I’ve a full time job that keeps me busy for most of the day, but with the long stretch in the evenings and a not much else to be at, I’m finding myself turning to home workouts recently and I’m actually loving it.

Finding a new workout online, doing it and feeling the benefits to both my mind and body has been great plus, as Joe Wicks says “you’ll never regret a workout” (it’s just the motivation that’s the hard part).

And so, if you’re looking for a workout to try from the comfort of your sitting room, here are five that I’ve tried and would recommend to a friend.

As always, remember to go at your OWN pace. A move you can’t do? Don’t push yourself. Modify it to make it easier or simply, sit that move out, use it as time to stretch and rejoin when you can.

1. Joe Wicks –  7 Days Of Sweat Challenge 

When it comes to online workouts, Joe Wicks is the man of the moment and the 7 Days Of Sweat will seriously put you though your paces. Targeting all areas of the body, the workouts are short and testing but Joe is like a personal trainer in your ear, guiding you through.

2. MadFit – Abs And Booty 

If you want to target your tum and bum, this workout will have you shweatin’. The intense 20 minute workout has no breaks, but will have you feeling the burn and seeing the rewards quicker than you know it.

3. Pamela Reif – Full Body Workout

Pamela is the kween of YT workouts. With over 23 million views on her 20 minute full body workout, people love following her easy instructions and challenging moves. The workout requires no gym equipment but will have you feeling the burn from move one.

4. The Fitness Marshall – Dance Workout

OK, if you’re looking for a dance workout then The Fitness Marshall is going to be your best friend. Every now and again I like to change up my workout by opting or adding (if I’m feeling motivated that day) a dance routine.

Cheap Thrills by Sia is one of his top dance workouts and it really gets me in a good mood.

5. Emi Wong – 30 Minute Full Body Fat Burning HIIT 

If you hate workouts that involve jumping around or if you’re like me, and often workout in your bedroom so jumping on the floor is too noisy for your liking, this workout is the one for you. Emi does a 30 minute no jumping HIIT class and it’ll have you targeting all those crucial areas without any jumping movements. Score.

And there you have it, five workouts to try, one for each day this week if you’re oh so inclined.

Have one you’d like to recommend? Hit me up