WATCH: This 20-Minute HIIT Workout To Disney Songs Is What We Need To Get Moving

We will only leave the couch for Disney.

If you’re looking for a workout that’s actually enjoyable this week, one that won’t actually feel like a chore and is packed full of bopping tunes, I give you this 20-minute Disney HIIT.

Full of bangers from both Disney Channel movies and film classics like Mulan and Hercules, this class will have you breaking a sweat while dancing along to the 20-minute choreographed number as lead by PT and dance instructor Emily Thorne.

Combining simple movies with some of the ones we all know from the hit movies, Emily’s guided class sees you workout through a variation of songs non-stop and tbh, it just feels like a night at The George – what more could you ask for?!

As home workouts have become the go-to way to exercise these days, with gyms remaining closed and people looking for different ways to stay fit, we love this clever combination of fun songs and HIIT HOP.

According to Emily, HIIT HOP for those who don’t know, is a form of dance fitness which she created using a “tabata format”. This format follows a guide of 20 seconds high-intensity training and 10 seconds of rest.

Emily also noted that those who are scared of busting a move even in their own house should know that it’s all easy and nothing too intricate so, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go.

Up for the challenge?

You can check out the workout in full below.