#HowIGotMyJob: We Meet Presenter, Author And Journalist Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici has a job that many young ladies would dream of. She fills us in on her London life, working her way to the top, and the secret behind her impeccable appearance.


Name: Diana Bunici
Age: 27
Website: dianabunici.com
Insta: @diana.bunici
Twitter: @DeeBtweets

Tell us about your working background?

I’m a broadcaster, freelance journalist and author and I have six years experience in the telly game, I’ve hosted over 270 hours of live TV! I started off presenting a show called elev8 for tweens on RTE 2 as well as doing  a couple of documentaries in between. I’m now based  in London where I work as a freelance reporter and producer for a bunch of channels including Irish TV and UTV Ireland.

I’ve recently ticked a massive box off my bucket list too; I wrote my first book called the Pursuit of Awesome! It’s all about encouraging young people to follow their dreams. I delved deep into the media world and interviewed loads of high profile personalities from each field to get an insight into their industries. I spoke to Kodaline, Hozier, Laura Whitmore, Ryan Tubridy, Cecelia Ahern, Evanna Lynch, Adrien Kennedy, and Cian Twomey.

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How did you break into the media world?

With pester power! Only joking, but being persistent is extremely important. My big break came when I spotted an advertisement on the Den website seeking contributors. I almost fell over myself in my rush to apply! I had no real on-camera experience but I didn’t let it deter me. I got an invite to audition in person and long story short, after five or six rounds, I got the job! I began presenting daily on elev8 and things slowly progressed from there.

What did you study?

I studied journalism with French in DIT, a four year BA course which was brilliant in so many ways. The highlight? Erasmus – a chance to top up on my French and explore a new city living in Brussels for seven months.

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What does a day in your working shoes look like?

My working days are more unpredictable than ever at the moment! As an author I’m either at my laptop writing, coordinating interviews, getting frustrated with wifi failing me, transcribing, editing; the whole lot!

In my TV life, days are equally as sporadic and jumbled from taking meetings with various production companies and execs to writing up pitches, filming on location at movie junkets, charity functions, red carpets; whatever it may be. I love the variety of being a freelancer, although at times I miss my more routined studio days in RTE! The media life is certainly not a glamorous one but the diversity is what has me hooked.

What do you think has been the key to your success?

Having my eye on the end goal and working hard to get there. Of course there have been plenty of obstacles in the way but it’s about accepting that detour and embracing the new route! I’m an ambitious and dedicated person and I think my persistence and passion has helped me get to where I am.

The Pursuit of Awesome, Front Cover

What have been your stand out career highlights?

Writing a book has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember. I’ve always treasured books. It’s been such a challenging, inspiring, rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see it in shops this March! It’s a non-fiction which is sticking to my journalism roots but definitely, one day soon, I’ll write that first novel. I’m bursting with ideas!

TV wise, I’m extremely proud of my two documentaries (Diana Bunici: Going Home and One Direction: This is Us Movie Special). I was involved in every aspect of production on both, from pitching to scripting, researching, presenting and to see them broadcast and received so well, really made me extremely proud of myself. Hosting a series of documentaries is my next career goal!

Have you experienced any setbacks getting to where you are now, and if so, how did you overcome them?

My biggest set back was not knowing anyone working in the industry to whom I could turn to for advice. I feel it was maybe the best advantage too! It made me fight harder, yearn stronger and dig deeper!


Best part of your job?

Meeting incredible, inspiring people on a day to day basis. This job is all about people and communication. I love the creativity involved, the unpredictability, how you can always do more and push your own limits. I also love working to deadlines – perhaps not the first thing someone might say they love about this job but it really appeals to me!

Most difficult?

I think it’s the lack of stability. It’s an industry filled with uncertainties in terms of securing your next job and it’s crucial to be motivated and a self starter if you want to succeed.

What can’t you leave your house without?

My phone and a pair of earphones. If I’m not listening to music on the go, I’m dipping into a podcast, watching news clips online and most recently, transcribing interviews for my book. I’m definitely not a phone obsessed person but it certainly makes my life a lot easier!

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You always look so well put together, what’s your secret?

A little extra added hair oompfh thanks to Great Lengths! I don’t keep my extensions a secret but people are always surprised to find out all that my hair isn’t my own because they look so natural. I wear mine mostly for volume as my hair is quite long anyway and I love the confidence they give me. I’d worn clip ins for years and was constantly stressing about them being on show or falling out but with Great Lengths, doing my hair is a breeze! My natural hair is having a party too. Encased in the keratin bonds, snug and safe from the heat of any styling tools!

And tell us where you get that beautiful wardrobe?

London is an incredible city for fashion. Every man and woman looks like they’ve stepped out of a magazine! I’m a high street girl and will always have a browse in Topshop, Zara and River Island.

Are you able to maintain a fitness regime with your busy schedule?

Exercise for me is crucial. It’s my way of unwinding and relaxing my body, mind and soul. I try to fit in as many Bikram Yoga classes as possible for total chill, after the class, not during. I can’t get enough of it! I also love running outdoors but that’s been a little harder to keep up in the winter months.


Can you give us three tips for young women hoping to follow a similar career path to yourself?

1. Find your passion and dedicate yourself to it; pursue it with all your heart. Remember to be patient. Nothing worth having comes easily. Use the time to better yourself and your skill set; do an internship or a work experience placement if job applications aren’t leading you to that first gig. I like to remind myself that it takes a lot of long sleepless nights to become a success.

2. Don’t be afraid of failure; instead embrace it. Mistakes are essential for personal and professional growth. Push your own limits and step outside your own comfort zone.

3. Never compromise who YOU are. Embrace and rock your uniqueness. Don’t try to keep up with fashion or trends. Do your own thing, set your own trend. By the time you realise whatever it is you dream of, the existing trend you’re trying to follow will be old news! Let that be your guiding light!