My Fitness Journey: Personal Trainer Amanda Moroney Tells Us The Secret Behind Her Killer Body

Amanda chats to STELLAR about her daily diet and making the change from cardio to weight training.


Name: Amanda Moroney

Age: 30


Facebook: Recalibrated Bodies

Instagram: @recalibratedbodies

Why and when did you start training properly?

I’ve been training for over 12 years. I used to be a typical cardio bunny and Bikram Yoga addict and it’s only in recent years that I started weight training, as I was involved in a car crash that left me out of action for months so I turned to weights to rehabilitate myself and I’m fitter and stronger ever since!

How long did it take you to get where you are now?

Since I started lifting, my physique has changed majorly. Building lean muscle is crucial to developing a toned physique so whilst I’ve been super slim to skinny fat (high bodyfat but light on the scales) and everything in between, it’s only since I focused on weights that I’ve developed and maintained my current physique.


How did you get those abs?

As cliché as it may sound, abs are made in the kitchen! To see mid-section definition, your bodyfat needs to be low enough. I have a training and non-training nutrition plan that I follow based on my metabolic rate and current body-fat. Nutrition is of paramount importance. Eating the correct amount of certain foods at certain times of the day will help to regulate hormones such as cortisol and insulin, which attribute to body composition.

How often do you train?

I currently train five days a week; legs twice a week, a back session, shoulder session and chest/arms session. If we have a shoot or holiday coming up, I will do one day of high intensity training as well.

Are you able to eat whatever you like?

To a degree! The more lean muscle you carry, the quicker your metabolic rate revs so you can get away with a few treats here and there. I don’t eat sweets or treats for the sake of it but if I feel like a dessert, I allow myself it. I think harsh restrictions create a binging culture so everything in moderation.


Are you strict with your diet?

I’m strict in terms of quality rather than quantity. I avoid preservatives, colourings and artificial sweeteners as I know how detrimental they are on health with long-term use. I eat upwards of 2000 calories a day, which is a lot of food! When you eat whole foods, the cravings for junk subside naturally.

What’s on your typical daily menu?

I drink 2 litres of water a day, infused with lemon and apple cider vinegar; a really good digestive aid to those who are on high protein diets or suffer bloating regularly.

I usually have:

1. Full-egg and vegetable omelette each morning with a spinach salad.
2. Oats, and coconut yoghurt, mixed with pea protein and blueberries as a mid-morning snack.
3. Protein and banana smoothie immediately after training.
4. Sweet potato wedges, chicken breast and salad as a post-training meal.
5. Homemade rice-cakes with tuna and avocado.
6. Dinner is fish or white-meat with vegetables and quinoa.


What should we be eating?

Always include an abundance of vegetables and berries with each meal. Most foods are acid-forming so this will help with keeping the blood alkaline. Have a good-quality protein source at each meal to balance blood sugar levels and eliminate cravings and choose unprocessed carb forms such as sweet potato and oats, which will help to keep energy levels stable during the day. Fats are important for hormonal regulation so include coconut oil, avocado or salmon on occasion.

Anything we need to cut out?

Sugar! Not only is it deadly to the waistline, it’s the one food that speeds up the aging process so a massive no-no if you want to keep your appearance youthful.

How important is taking protein/supplements?

I take pea protein after each session as it really helps to facilitate recovery. I also swear by Siberian Ginseng, which is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps your body to deal with stress more efficiently. I turn 31 in a couple of weeks so I take a lot of anti-oxidant supplements such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C to slow down aging. I live on turmeric since the accident, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. I avoid conventional medication.


What’s it like working with your boyfriend Daniel?

I used to be Daniel’s boss in Australia so it’s been an on-going part of our relationship since the start. It’s been relatively easy as we have a similar approach in how we like things done. It’s a great balance as I’m an energiser bunny and he’s super chilled. When we’re in the office or at meetings, we separate our personal and professional relationship as best we can. It can be a bit weird sometimes thinking how much time we spend together but it works for us!

Do you guys ever over-indulge or let loose on bad food?

The last couple of months have been fairly tame as Daniel is preparing for his first physique body-building competition. Before this, our Saturday’s included training legs together and then having a treat night, where we could indulge on whatever we wanted. If you’re strategic with eating and training, you can get away with it! I try not to reward myself with food as it creates a negative relationship with food which I’ve learnt over the years. Moderation is key; have a treat when you feel like it but make sure you’ve earned it or burnt it!