Roz Purcell Reveals Her Favourite Cheat Meal And It’s A Mammy Dinner

Roz dishes on her favourite cheat meal - and it's probably not what you think.

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This month’s STELLAR cover star Roz Purcell talks to us about her premiere passion – grub. Buy STELLAR for the full interview where Roz talks Bressie, her next book and how she battled the modelling industry to embrace her love of food…

Roz’s ultimate cheat meal

I’ve such a sweet tooth, but sometimes I’m like, why didn’t I go for savoury? When I go home, my dad makes the creamiest, butteriest mashed potatoes, with proper gravy and beef and really good stuffing. And then my aunt makes the most amazing profiteroles, dunked in dairy milk chocolate. I love cream – and these are stuffed with cream. That’d be my perfect cheat meal. I love proper, country meals: gravy, spuds…

She eats around her training

When I wake up depends on what I’ve done or what I’m doing. I base my food around training. If I’ve done a weights session, after training I’ll have an omelette, a massive one with three full eggs, three egg whites, feta, smoked salmon, mushrooms and some cubed butternut squash. Then, for lunch, I’ll have salmon, with a half baked sweet potato, loads of green veggies. Before the STELLAR cover shoot, I had a protein smoothie. I didn’t use protein, I used egg whites instead. A lot of the time, I wouldn’t eat as much fruit – but I added some fruit this time, to get a bit of fibre.


She’s not paleo

After my cardio session, I always have a nice serving of carbs; I’d eat sweet potatoes and oats. I love porridge – I often have a bowl of porridge after the gym. I wouldn’t be paleo or anything; I eat new baby potatoes when they’re in season. I tend to eat quite seasonally.

Why she went back to college

I’m doing the nutrition course for myself; it’s not to say I have a qualification. I genuinely want to learn more. I’m obviously learning new things every single day. There’s some stuff I already know; I love reading food and nutrition books, but the majority is totally new for me. I’m doing it in the Institute of Health Sciences. They’re quite updated in terms of everything in there. They’re into food healing everything. It’s really interesting, but they’re not biased in any way – they don’t advocate for one type of diet over another. I don’t want to come out of a course going, I can’t eat that! I don’t want to be turned off any food group!

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