We Asked A Celebrity Trainer For Her One Hero Move For The Perfect Butt

It's not a squat, we promise.

When it comes to leg and butt workouts, there are a few failsafe moves most trainers turn to, but repeating the same moves over and over can get tiring. If you’re sick of squats, it might be time to mix up your workout routine.

Yesterday STELLAR.ie headed to Life Style Sports to check out their new Running and Fitness range, and to meet Nike Global Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule. Joslyn works with Nike all over the world to ensure the brand’s trainers have the most up-to-date fitness knowledge, and she’s worked with heaps of celebrities in her 14 years as a PT, so we knew she’d be the right person to give us some killer fitness advice.

First up? Her go-to move for strengthening glutes and building a killer butt: the unilateral stiff leg deadlift.

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Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stand tall, with your feet together and firmly planted on the floor, holding a dumbbell with your two hands.
  2. Lean your torso forward slowly, while lifting your left leg off the ground without bending your knee.
  3. Keep leaning forward and lifting your leg, aiming for a ‘T’ shape with your other leg on the ground.
  4. Stand up straight again and finish by pulling your left knee up to your chest and squeezing your glutes.
  5. Return to starting position and repeat with right leg.

“This is my hero move for strengthening glutes and is a great complement to other strength training moves,” says Jos.

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