Weight loss, Improved sleep, Better Orgasms And More: The Benefits Of Meditation You Might Not Know About

Thought meditation was just about relaxation? Think again! Studies show it can boost weight loss, improve your sleep, amp up your orgasms, and more!

young girl smiling

What if you could make yourself happier, improve your sex life and lose weight (without spending any money) simply by sitting cross-legged for twenty minutes every day and zoning out? Sounds impossible? It’s not. You can achieve all that (and lots more) simple by getting your zen on.

Here are five big benefits of having a daily meditation sesh:

1. It reduces stress levels

It’s the most obvious benefit of getting zen, and arguably the most important one. Studies have shown that you can significantly reduce your stress levels by practicing meditation, cos it changes the body’s focus to relaxation and allows you greater clarity to deal with whatever is bothering you.

2. It improves your sex life

You should get zen if you wanna get off. That’s cos meditation makes you more present in the moment, which means you get less distracted and are more able to focus on your body’s sensations. Writing in a column for Psychology today, sex educator Pamela Madsen explains, “When we are able to approach sex just like we approach meditation we are able to touch deeply ecstatic or erotic states.” Ooh-er.

3. It reduces anxiety and depression

Meditation improves a person’s ability to regulate emotions as well as increasing the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone, don’cha know) that the brain receives. It’s even been proven to be just as effective as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications in some studies.

4. It helps with weight loss

Didn’t think you could drop pounds simply by being more mindful? Meditation can make you more aware of what you are putting into your body and as a result it can decrease the cravings you have for naughty foods and stop you from overeating.

5. It improves sleep

See ya later insomnia! Rather than your many thoughts keeping you from heading into the land of nod, research shows that meditation clears your mind and allows for some well-earned zeds. Get in a ten minute meditation sesh before bed to nod off faster.

Our advice? Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Start today, put aside ten minutes, pick a spot, get a comfy pillow, some of your favourite scented candles and reap all the benefits of meditation. And if you’re not exactly sure how? You can check out our handy meditation guide here.

By Laura Somers