Your 5-Step Plan To Getting In Shape For Christmas

Nope, you don't have to completely overhaul your diet or start an intensive exercise routine, because as PT Amanda Moroney tells us, it's little changes that can make the biggest difference.

Girl doing sit ups at the gym

Time is ticking. Somehow Christmas is right around the corner, and that gorgeous sparkly party dress you ordered (Yup, the super figure-hugging one that’s just a little teeny bit too tight) is lurking in your wardrobe taunting you.

But with all the christmas coffees, mince pies and festive cheer, how’s a gal supposed to get in shape? Well you don’t need to swear of xmas treats or spend all your spare time at the gym.

Recalibrated Bodies personal trainer Amanda Moroney says making these small lifestyle tweaks can have a big effect.

1. Increase your protein intake at breakfast

Why? “By controlling insulin release, you will stabilise blood sugar levels,” Amanda explains. “This will essentially reduce sugar cravings and reduce the mid-afternoon energy slump.” The best protein-rich brekkie options? Amanda recommends protein smoothies, eggs and turkey rashers or oats with protein powder or egg whites. “These options make your body more efficient at burning body fat, and also reduce unnecessary snacking throughout the day.”

2. Introduce high intensity training

Don’t wanna spend hours at the gym? Amanda suggests introducing high intensity strength training to get more bang for your workout buck. “This type of training elevates metabolic function for up to six hours, which keeps you burning calories for longer. It also helps with building lean muscle, again very important for sky-rocketing your metabolism”

3. Consume most of your carbs around training

It’s not just what you eat, but when you eat it. “Eating the majority of your carb intake around your training schedule will ensure that you minimise fat storage as the carbs will be used to replenish glycogen stores instead,” says Amanda. “Carbs help with protein synthesis so instead of avoiding them, simply be smarter with when you eat them.”

4. Aim to build muscle instead of losing weight

“The most effective way to see results is by introducing resistance training,” Amanda explains. “For every kilo of muscle mass added, your body will burn approximately 400 calories at rest simply to maintain it. Put simply, the more muscle you carry, the more calories you burn, without even lifting a finger! Weights help to shape and tone the muscle so you will see an obvious change in your physique within a matter of weeks.”

5. Lay off the booze

So we know this is a tough one on the lead up to Christmas but Amanda says it can have a massive effect. “Alcohol impairs fat oxidation, so stops your body’s ability to burn fat. It also increases cortisol production, which also hinders fat burning and causes water retention.” In short, a tipple or two less could have you slipping into that slinky number in no time.


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