4 Irish Fitness Instagrammers Share Their Top Tricks For Staying On Track

We spoke to the #IrishFitFam to find out how they stay so motivated.

Sinead Forde

Sinead Forde


My number one fitness tip is to set a goal. Whether it is to fit into a dress, to lift a certain weight or to simply feel better it is important to give yourself something to work towards. Having a goal will keep you motivated on the days where you wonder whether that workout really matters or when you want to nose dive into a box of chocolates.

Each week set mini goals like planning all your meals, or fitting in one extra workout. All of these mini goals will help you get towards your bigger goal and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you achieve one of these goals is the best feeling ever.

When you do achieve it, it’s time to set another one!

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy


One of my biggest tips is to not let one bad choice ruin the rest of your day or week. I remember being told the analogy before, ‘If you drop your phone on the ground and the screen cracks, you don’t then say, ‘oh its ruined now, may as well throw it on the ground again. Instead you pick it up and try to not drop it again.’

I’ve been trying to take the same approach to fitness. Sometimes I eat something I shouldn’t or I don’t put 100% into a workout. Instead of thinking ‘I’ve ruined the day, no point in trying anymore’, I try to accept the slip-up, and keep going about my day as best I can. Its still not something I’ve mastered 100% but I’m really trying. When you have a lifestyle change, you won’t be perfect all of the time, you will make mistakes, but it’s about accepting and working past those mistakes.

Fionnula McHale

Fionnula McHale

Pic credit: Kai York


Rather than focusing on achieving a body like your favourite fitspo or a bikini body for holidays or to look good on your wedding day, aim to find enjoyment in the every day fitness lifestyle. Training should be the highlight of your day, something you look forward to day in, day out. It should make you feel happier, healthier and more confident in yourself.

Similarly, unless you’re prepping for a shoot or show, don’t view eating well as a restrictive diet. Find pleasure in eating healthy, clean food that nourishes your body.

When you adopt that mindset, you’ll be more consistent in general, results will follow and you’ll be able to stay healthy, happy, lean and strong for life rather than for one day in a dress, board shorts or bikini.

Nathalie Lennon

Nathalie Lennon


My top fitness tip would be to understand the difference between over training and general fatigue. Somedays getting that workout in actually gives you energy. Other days you should listen to your body and rest to allow those muscles some recovery time! It doesn’t take long to figure out which is which, and then there will be no stopping you!


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