Five TV Shows You Need To Watch This Weekend

Our top picks for the weekend!

Pexels/John Mark Smith

We’re nearly halfway through July which means Summer is half over. Yes, we’re crying too! While the weather has been a little iffy the last couple of weeks, it gives us a reason to be inside and catch up on some of our fave TV shows. This weekend we will be taking a look at some new series –The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 we’re looking at you – and also taking in some old faves that have made their return to Netflix.

So here’s five TV shows you need to watch this weekend.

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2

We can’t express the level of excitement we’re feeling right now for the second season of this teen tv show. We’re not sure if it’s the nostalgia of a teen summer or getting to escape from adult life for a bit that’s got us hooked. But the Prime Video show, which is set to release its first three episodes tomorrow and then one a week until the 18th of August, is exactly what we needed this summer. It takes a look at love, grief, family and friendship in the most beautiful way.

We can’t wait to tune in tomorrow July 14th on Prime Video.

Gossip Girl


Hey there Upper East Siders!

Gossip Girl here.

It seems you’re ready to step back in to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. That’s right Gossip Girl has returned to Netflix. Grab a bowl of popcorn and situate yourself on the couch because it’s time to get your rewatch on. Whether you’re watching for the fashion or the gossip or Blake Lively it doesn’t matter, we support your decision whatever the reason. Realistically we will probably join you.

Catch seasons 1-6 of Gossip Girl on Netflix now.

The Lincoln Lawyer

L.A.’s finest defence attorney, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), is back in action for a second season. Based on the bestselling series by Michael Connolly, the legal drama follows Mickey as he enjoys his newfound fame while also dealing with the madness that comes with high-profile cases.

Part one, which includes the first five episodes, is now available to stream, and part two will be available on Netflix from the 3rd of August.

And Just Like That season 2

And Just Like That… it’s been a month since the new season aired but with everything going on it’s likely you’ve not had a chance to catch up on it, we know we haven’t. While it’ll never give us the same feeling Sex and the City did, it’s a nice little piece of the past being given a new lease of life. Plus the fashion… we’re totally here for it.

And Just Like That season 2 is available to stream now on NowTV.

The Crowded Room

In his newest tv release Tom Holland jumps into a brand new role that involves mysterious murders. Tom plays Danny Sullivan, a man arrested for a crime he doesn’t remember committing. He is interrogated by Rya Goodwin played by Amanda Seyfried, who tries to solve these mysterious murders and figure out why so many people in Danny’s life keep disappearing. Set in the late 1970s, this psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Crowded Room is streaming now on AppleTV+.