6 Fitness Habits That Will Up Your Workout Game Forever

Wanna achieve your goals and make fitness a doddle? Step right up ladypal, we know how.

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1. Commit to two days

People often falter when they take on too much, too soon. Start slowly and decide on attainable goals, this will allow you to be more consistent. Commit to two days in the gym to begin with, which is reasonable by anyone’s standards. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses and as your confidence grows, up the days to three. Baby steps, girlfriend.

2. Get a fitness buddy

A workout buddy has endless benefits. Not only will your time in the gym go quicker, but you’ll last longer in there, and you’ll be less likely to make excuses not to go. Each of you can source new exercises and routines and encourage each other the whole way through. There’s nothing more encouraging than knowing there’s two of you in it.

3. Track your progress

Be it with photos or a diary, you should keep an account of how you’re getting on. Photos will allow you to see the physical changes that are happening, even if they’re very minor, it’ll motivate you to keep going. Keeping a food/mood/fitness journal will not only prevent you from mindlessly snacking, it will also highlight what triggers you to reach for the chocolate in the first place. Logging your workouts will keep you on the right track, you don’t want those pages to remain blank.

4. Reward yourself

We’re not saying you should order a Dominos after every 30 minutes in the gym, we have a better idea. Why not buy yourself some nice new gym gear or an item of clothing for a special occasion coming up? Not only do you deserve to treat yourself once a month, but you’ll want to look good wearing your new bits so it’s a win-win. If cheat meals are more your thing, use Sunday as your rest day and indulge in something heavenly. A little bit of TLC never hurt either. Pedicure anyone?

5. Do a class a week

Fitness classes are a great way to discover new exercises and a good way to mix your workout up. If you’re in any way competitive, the class atmosphere will push you to work harder. It’s also a guaranteed way to do a solid 45 minutes in the gym when you might otherwise slack a bit. A good instructor will also make sure you have proper form and give you some personal tips and tricks.

6. Drink water

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it’s absolutely vital for both your fitness and health regime. Amongst other things, water energises your muscles which need to be filled with fluids in order to perform at their best. Secondly, it prevents dehydration which is a common symptom of tiredness and lastly it’s a great way to help with calorie control. A lot of the time when we feel hungry, it’s actually just thirst, so carry a bottle of water with you everywhere and aim to drink two litres a day.


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