A Shocking Draco Malfoy Revelation And 5 Other ICYMI Friday Facts

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Friday October 9: Your list of bitz to discuss while chatting with the girls this weekend

Draco Malfoy starred in Harry Potter for a combined total of 31 minutes 

In facts I learned today, Draco Malfoy, who one would say was a prominent character in the HP series, actually only starred on screen for a total of 31 minutes and 30 seconds across the eight films.

I know, we’re pretty flabbergasted too.

The revelation was brought to light earlier this week when one Twitter user highlighted the IMBD page for Harry Potter, showing all the characters screen times, and low and behold, Draco only has 31 minutes in the spotlight. Shocking.

Kylie Jenner thinks Kendall is being dramatic about their fight on #KUWTK

KUWTK season 19 has landed with a bang – making us wish the end wasn’t coming even more than before (if that’s possible!)

Yes, the show is providing all the tea we love from drama to juicy gossip and of course, chaos. In the most recent episode which aired last night, Kendall and Kylie get into a spat over an outfit, leading to an actual physical fight in a black SUV, which ends with Kendall saying she can never forgive Kylie.

Yep, all pretty wild. However, Kylie is over here LOLing, believing that Kendall is being a little dramatic.

I’m sure this will go down like a lead balloon.

Chris Evans is our hero of the week 

Trump got Covid-19, recovered, and then told the world, in an absolutely “reckless” tweet, to not fear the virus that has made him feel “20 years younger”, apparently.

However, with the pandemic still very much a global problem and the death toll now standing at over 1.6 million people, coronavirus is taking lives every single day and exercising extreme caution and following guidelines is very important.

Tweeting in response to Trump’s statement, actor Chris Evan’s called the president’s words “reckless” and asked him to think about the “disparity” that unfortunately lies between himself and the general public.

The Selling Sunset gang have seen another agent walk out 

Maybe it’s the drama, maybe it’s the fame, maybe it’s a combined total of the two, or maybe, it’s something totally different, but whatever the case may be, another Selling Sunset agent has left the building.


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Following in the footsteps of Brett Oppenheim, Davina Potratz is leaving the Oppenheim Group to go and work for a rival company in what she describes as a “purely business decision”.

In the words of Khloe Kardashian “okurrrr”.

We hope this goss is in season four though.

Happy Wagatha Christie day 

And last, but not least, today is a historic day in celeb tea – it’s the anniversary of the Wagatha Christie scandal.

Yep, a whole 365 days have past since the scandal broke and Coleen Rooney uploaded a note to Instagram, a note showcasing her detective work and accusing Rebekah Vardy’s ACCOUNT of leaking stories about her to the press.

Want a rehash? Click here.

Lads, this is the the stuff we love to sip.

See you next week for another STELLAR 5 Friday Facts! 


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