After Eights Had The Perfect Response To Becoming The Unofficial Snack Of The Referendum

SO apt.

Instagram/together4yesAfter a whirlwind few days in Ireland, at least 66.4% of the nation is overjoyed that the Eighth Amendment has been repealed.

While crowds celebrated in Dublin Castle on Saturday, one woman handed out a very clever snack: After Eights.

After campaigning for legal abortions in Ireland since 1978, Sandra Stephen was “catching the vibe” and handing out After Eights as she celebrated.

Me: Have you been campaigning? Her: Since 1978!

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They were also being handed out down in Cork:

After a long and tiring few days, it took a few people sometime to catch onto the joke.

Even RTÉ journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes was offered a chocolate – they were also left as tributes at the Savita Halappanavar memorial at the Bernard Shaw.

After all this, After Eight had to respond to the use of their chocolates during the celebrations:

Sound lads. Have you enough for 1,429,981 people? Cheers.


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