Apparently Taylor Is Giving Tom Hiddleston Some ‘Breathing Space’… Here’s Why

They were living in one another's pockets for a while there, in fairness.

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston went from zero to one hundred with their relationship when they started publicly dating back in June. Within days of being spotted kissing Tom on a Rhode Island beach, Taylor had flown to England to meet her new man’s family. So no, these two have never taken it slow, but it sounds like that’s all about the change.

Tom is currently in Australia working on Thor: Ragnarok, meaning himself and Taylor will be going long-distance for a while. Back in July, the singer flew Down Under to spend a few weeks on the Gold Coast with her beau. However she’s since returned to the US, with Tom staying behind.

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According to one source, it’s no fluke that Hiddleswift are currently on different continents. If anything, it’s a planned move, so that the pair can have some time to breathe after all of the Kim/Kanye/Calvin drama of the last few months.

“She [Taylor] wants to be as supportive as possible because she wants [their relationship] to last, so if that means giving him some space, she’s on board,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “It’s also been giving her a chance to spend some much needed time with her girlfriends.”

Back in July, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to post a recorded phonecall of Taylor giving her consent to Kanye West to use her name in the lyrics of his song Famous. The phonecall was reportedly recorded before the song’s release, and before Taylor slammed Kanye in her Grammys acceptance speech for “taking credit” for her fame.

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Of course, if the distance between Australia and the US gets too much for Taylor and Tom, there is a solution, and it involves a private jet.

“Tom’s opened the door for her to come and see him in Australia, so she’s safe in the knowledge that if she begins to miss him too much, she can simply fly over,” another source adds.

If only long-distance romance was that easy for us normals…


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