Ariana Grande Is Allegedly Working On A New Album

We're counting down the days.

Image via Instagram, @arianagrande

Hold the phone – new Ariana tunes might be just round the corner!

In surprise news that literally nobody saw coming, Ariana Grande is allegedly working on new music.

This comes as a surprise to fans, as many believed Ariana had given up on producing songs for the time being.

It’s a thread that fans have noticed with artists like Rihanna and Selena Gomez, where their musical career appears to take a back seat once they’ve began working on more entrepreneurial pursuits like cosmetics brands.

Now in an exciting twist, Ariana may be about to break the pattern – as sources have told Page Six that she is working on another album.

A source told the publication that allegedly the singer had decided to focus all of her “energies” into her role as Glinda the Good Witch in the movie adaptation of Wicked, which is currently in production.


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However, when filming was put to a standstill thanks to the SAGAFTRA strikes, Ariana reportedly hopped back into the studio to put some work into a seventh album. Eek!

An insider said that Ariana has been working alongside Swedish producer Max Martin, who she has produced music with before, including her hit song God Is A Woman.


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Speaking of Ariana’s careful decision not to drop any music just yet, the source continued that “[Ariana] wants to be respectful of the timeline for ‘Wicked,’ and originally didn’t want to do any music at all until after the films were released.”

Still, we may not have to wait too long, as they added, “She works quickly and drops instinctively whenever she feels ready…so who knows?”

We can’t handle it. Watch this space!