Black Friday Shoppers Completely Destroyed This Nike Store

Hell is other people.

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From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, it’s been a long weekend for anyone working in the retail sector.

Couple the one-month-until-Christmas mania with four solid days of sales and you have yourself a pretty hellish working environment if you’re someone who works for an online shopping site or a real-life retail store. Such was the reality for Nike employees in Washington, Seattle, who documented the before and after situation in the Tulalip outlet store.

Here’s what each Nike outlet looked like before the Black Friday rush:

Pretty, eh? All of those orange boxes, full of shoes waiting to be lovingly tried on and purchased.

Or not. Here’s how the Seattle store looked a few hours later:

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Total shoe-mageddon.

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Source: Twitter/@IramFlorCamacho


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Source: Twitter/@IramFlorCamacho

Black Friday has been a tradition in the US since the early Sixties, when stores began marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping period with early morning sales. It’s since spread to the rest of the world, with many European retailers piggy-backing on the opportunity to reel in more customers with Black Friday, Black Weekend, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday sales.

How To Do Your Christmas Shopping, According To A Professional Shopper

If it’s Nikes you’re after next year though, we’d recommend doing your shopping online…


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