‘Breaking Point’: Apparently This April 29th Interview Was What Caused Taylor And Calvin’s Split

Just days before her Met Gala dance with Tom.

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At this rate, it looks like Taylor and Calvin are most definitely done for good, but we’ve still yet to find out why exactly they split so suddenly.

Just 12 weeks after all of those romantic holiday snaps went up on Tayvin’s respective Instas, the pair were no more. Fast forward another few weeks, and Taylor’s already started dating someone new.

So what went down? Well, according to one member of Tay’s squad, things got pretty heated indeed, and it’s all thanks to one of Calvin’s recent tracks.

A new report by TMZ today links the couple’s break-up to the release of Calvin single This Is What You Came For back in April. Though Rihanna’s vocals feature on the track, it’s widely believed that Taylor was the one who penned the lyrics.

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According to TMZ‘s source, the singer wrote the song during her relationship with Calvin, and even recorded a demo for which her boyfriend provided the beats. But the couple then jointly decided that to release the song as a duo would overshadow the track itself, and that it would be best to use her lyrics but not the vocals.

Instead, Taylor opted to use a pseudonym (Nils Sjoberg) as a writer on the song credits, which would explain why there are virtually no results for that name in Google, except for Taylor/Calvin stories.

Now, here comes the juicy part. On the day of the track’s release, Calvin totally shot down rumours of a collaboration with Taylor during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Rather than just being vague and wishy-washy, the DJ said that the pair “hadn’t even spoken about” working together and added, “I can’t see it happening though.”

Watch here from 2:34:

Ouch. Apparently the interview was the “breaking point” for the pair, which would explain why Tay looked so cosy with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala just 11 days later.

Well, it’s a bit one-sided, but it’s certainly a theory that ties up a LOT of loose ends…


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