Molly-Mae Hague Regrets Getting Fillers As They Made Her ‘Look Worse’

The Love Island wishes she never had surgery at such a young age.


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Molly-Mae Hague might only be 20-years-old but the Love Island star already has regrets when it comes to surgical enhancements.

From lip fillers to chin filler, Molly Mae has opened up about surgery and why she has serious regrets when it comes to work on her face.

“I didn’t tell my mum the first time I had fillers because I was petrified of what she was going to say,” explains Molly-Mae in her new TMI YouTube video.

“But when I actually had them done, she noticed, she’s my mum… I wish I listened to my mum more about fillers because it’s something I had to change.”

Continuing, Molly-Mae explained that she went from worrying about her chin pre-op, to then, worrying about it even more after.

“If I had listened, it wouldn’t have been something I had to try and fix in the long run.”

“In the long run it makes you look worse.” Molly added. “What it did was make it look bigger. It looked like I had jowls. I had ‘square head’, ‘blockhead’.”

Molly-Mae also found that her time on Love Island exacerbated her issues about her filler and low self esteem as she received a lot of trolling when the show finished filming.

Speaking to the Mail Online last November, Molly-Mae said:

“The trolling and hate has been intense, even over the last few days. I thought I prepared myself mentally but you can’t.

“I have the most Instagram followers so I have the most hate and people slandering me, you can’t win really.”

Whether or not this year’s Love Island will go ahead is still up in the air. Rumours are now circulating that the show could be filmed later this year AND in the UK… hmmm. You can read more about that here.


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