Chrissy Teigen Just Accidentally Revealed The Sex Of Her Third Child With John Legend

Well, this didn't go to plan.


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I’m sure that if you’re trying to keep the sex of your baby a secret, it would still be pretty easy to let it accidentally blurt out. That’s exactly what happened to Chrissy Teigen, who just accidentally revealed the sex of her third child with John Legend, on her Instagram Stories of all places.

Taking to her stories for what was meant to be a casual check in, Chrissy shared, “I wanted to update you, My placenta sucks. It’s always been kind of the bad part of my pregnancies with Luna. With Miles, it just stopped feeding him, it stopped taking care of him. I was stealing all his food because I was getting huge but he wasn’t getting big at all.

“He had to come out early and Luna had to come out early. I was induced both times. Anyways, it’s super weak. The baby is really, really healthy and he is big!”

Yep, in case you missed it, she said “he is big!”


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Chrissy then realised what she said, and confirmed that it was an accidental slip. “I am stupid,” covering her mouth. “Anyway, so yeah its growing beautifully. Everything is good, I’m feeling good but my placenta is really, really weak and its causing me to really bleed a lot.”

Chrissy had taken to her stories to share this to explain that she’s currently on a two-week bed rest, “I am on complete and total don’t get out except to pee pee bed rest”.

This comes after Chrissy also revealed that she didn’t know she was pregnant before having major surgery. Sharing her story on Twitter, Chrissy wrote, “I did the routine pregnancy test you do before surgery. It said negative. It was not negative.

“A few weeks after surgery, I took a test. And for many years now, I’ve taken pregnancy tests almost every month, praying to see a positive one day. Just wishful thinking. I never had a positive before.”


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