Davide Sanclimenti Addresses Claims He ‘Blindsided’ Ex Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu

The Love Island champions split earlier this week!


Davide Sanclimenti has addressed followers after claims he “blindsided” ex-girlfriend Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu, with their split and announcing their breakup.

The couple met during Love Island 2022, going on to win the series, and star in their own spin-off Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings. However, earlier this week Davide shared news of their breakup on social media after a year together.

Following their split sources told The Sun Davide’s shocked Ekin-Su when he ended things. “She has stood by Davide after a series of cheating rumours, and was surprised when he decided to chuck it all in. The pair have been arguing a lot and while Davide is saying it’s a long time coming, Ekin doesn’t feel like that,” they said.

But Davide has responded to rumours of him blindsiding the Turkish beauty, writing on IG: “Posting publicly about the breakup was extremely difficult yet necessary.”


“I didn’t blindside her as she was fully aware about my intention to post and at first she even agreed to post at the same time, she did change her mind last minute though.”

“I respected her decision not to post it at the same time as me, but since the relationship has been on the rocks for months and parting ways has been a long time coming, I ultimately decided to go ahead with it rather than keep on dragging a situation that became unhealthy for us both,” the Italian business revealed.

Davide also hinted at the possible cause of their breakup referencing “ridiculous accusations and fake stories” as a challenge while they were together.

“Sadly, there’s been a stream of toxic criticism circulating around me, and it’s disheartening. The constant creation of fake narratives on a person who was nothing but a genuine, caring and loving boyfriend for her and all he wanted was to enjoy and nurture the beautiful relationship they had.”

“Instead we had to deal with ridiculous accusations and fake stories. This over time had a massive impact on my mental health and our relationship. Of course no on is perfect yet there’s been a lot of pressure for us to be the perfect couple,” he shared.


“I’d accept the constructive criticism, but it’s the daily fake and toxic accusations that are going around that I cannot deal with,” he continued.

The influencer also stressed how “sad” it was that people kept “judging a relationship and a person based solely on social media snippers, news and rumours, lacking the full context of what happens in real life and what has been said between me and Ekin.”

Davide also hit back at those criticising his English language skills, saying: “I’m proud of myself. I arrived in England 4 years ago without knowing a word of English, and in such a short period of time I graduated in MSc Banking and Finance with a first class honours, worked in an asset management company, opened a small business, won a reality tv show reaching the hearts of a whole country, keeping them entertained and making them laugh.”

“All this and more done in a language that is not my native one. Fortunately most of the people have good sense of judgement and see how things really are. Sadly some people are creating even more stories just for some clicks on their names or pages when the reality is that I’ve been always by her side supporting her and wanting her to succeed.”


“I felt I had to say something to give voice to the majority of people that know I’m not what some twisted and nasty individuals have been trying to portray me for months.”

“Thank you for the many supportive and kind messages I’ve received and keep on receiving. I will keep on being the genuine, loving and fun person I’ve always been and people have loved,” he concluded.

Taking to his Instagram story on Thursday, Davide made a statement regarding their split saying: “@ekinsuofficial & I are no longer together. I am grateful for the memories and opportunities we shared together and I wish her nothing but the best. I would like for everybody to respect this decision during this difficult time, I will continue to support Ekin in any way possible.”

Ekin-Su hasn’t spoken out in regard to the break-up just yet and has stayed off social media – which is completely understandable.