Getting The Most Out Of Your Toothpaste? This Hack Might Be The Secret To Pearly Whites

PSA: The way you brush your teeth could be affecting the impact of your toothpaste.

How do you brush your teeth?

A question that might sound like it has an obvious answer, has actually got us a little shooketh following this hack revelation.

Turns out that although we all brush our teeth at the sink, using water throughout brushing is only hindering the performance of our toothpaste.

Alongside leading dentists and hygienists, the experts at oral care brand L.A. PACIFIC champion dry brushing and advise against wetting your toothbrush at all.

Via @lapacific 

Apparently, keeping your tap off is key when brushing correctly and making sure your toothpaste is really doing its job and helping to keep those teeth gleaming.

Declan Lenahan, oral care formulator explains:

“Adding water dilutes the effectiveness of the toothpaste formula. It also reduces the viscosity of it, reducing the adherence to teeth which is important for the whitening efficacy.“

And the the same goes in the post-brushing process. Experts note that rinsing after brushing removes any remnants of toothpaste and prevents it from continuing to work once you leave the bathroom.

So, why do we all use water? Well, according to the experts, the habit of using water on your toothbrush is an inherited one as original toothpaste formulas were often a dry paste that required mixing with liquid in order to use it.

As we all know, going without water is also a more eco-friendly way to brush your teeth, as is being conscious of the toothbrush you’re using. Look for a toothbrush made from plants, recycled materials or one that can be used again and again with the option to just change the head. Here are some brands we like.

Bamboo toothbrush – The Kind


SWAK toothbrush – SWAK

Humble replacement brush – The Humble Co

Now, to brush our teeth via this hack stat.


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