Here’s The Reason Gigi Didn’t Bring Zayn Along To Taylor’s Fourth Of July Blow-Out

Plenty of guests brought their other halves, but Zayn was a no-show.

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Taylor’s squad was out in force for her annual Fourth of July celebrations on Rhode Island, but there were a couple of notably absent faces.

We’re already clear on why Tay’s long-time BFF Selena Gomez was a no-show – she’s on the road with her Revival tour and threw her own party on the West coast instead – but one person’s absence was a little more questionable: Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend Zayn Malik.

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Granted, Taylor has some beef with Zayn’s former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, but then again so does Zayn, so surely the pair have that in common?

Also, plenty of guests brought their other halves: Karlie Kloss showed up with her boyfriend Josh Kushner in tow, Cara Delevingne attended with St Vincent, Ruby Rose invited Harley Gusman, and Blake Lively brought along her husband Ryan Reynolds. So where was Zayn?


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Well, the answer is pretty straightforward, if Hollywood Life‘s source is to be believed.

As a Muslim, Zayn was fasting for most of June and early July to mark Ramadan, which started on June 6th and ended with the beginning of the Eid Al Fitr celebrations yesterday.

“There’s no drama with Gigi, Taylor, or anything like that. Zayn was actually fasting for Ramadan so he politely declined an invite,” the insider says.

“He just didn’t want the temptation of food and drink… so he dodged the party. Gigi was very understanding, as was Taylor, and there was no fallout over it.”

After skipping out on the Rhode Island trip, Zayn did make time for his girlfriend in New York this week. Indeed, the pair were snapped walking around the city hand in hand yesterday, looking every bit the loved-up couple.

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Here’s hoping Zayn makes Taylor’s next big event…



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