Holly Willoughby Gave Us A Tutorial On How She Dyes Her Hair At Home

"Nobody ever believes that I colour my own hair, I do"



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It’s day ??? of quarantine now, and in that time we’ve been stuck indoors us box blondes are now nearly brunettes, in desperate need of someone to come save us.

Well, that saving grace may just be Holly Willoughby, who has taken to social media to give us all a tutorial on how she dyes her blonde tresses at home, herself.

Revealing that those famous golden locks are the result of a box dye (we’re shook tbh), she showed her millions of Instagram followers how to achieve a similar look.

While we definitely don’t recommend attempting to lighten your hair at home without any help from professionals, (we’ve seen the horror videos where people’s hair falls out), Holly does give us a fair tutorial on how to touch up your roots for those who are already blonde and DIY it anyway.

“It’s one of those weird things that nobody ever believes that I colour my own hair, I do,” she said during the video.

“I colour it all the time. It saves me so much time sitting in the salon, so I just do it at home and it’s a really quick and easy thing to do.”



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Well, DIY’ing your own hair colour is probably an easy enough task when your face is on the box you’re using, making it specifically tailored to you. But, while Holly is a spokesperson for Garnier and probably earns quite a bit of $$ from them, she was adamant in the video that she really does swear by the stuff, and you know what, we believe her, because Hol’s doesn’t seem the type to tell fibs.

“I find my hair’s in a better condition since doing this because I’m not layering up tons and tons of highlights. I will go and get highlights done once in a blue moon just to sort of break it up a bit, but nine times out of ten, this is the tint that I do,”

Holly uses her shade 10.01 Baby Blonde in Garnier’s Nutrisse Creme range, and we have to say her results are quite impressive.

Check them out for yourself in the video above.



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