Holly Willoughby Just Proved She Hasn’t Changed A Bit With Childhood Throwback

We love a childhood throwback.

There is something both sweet and amusing about seeing baby pics of our favourite celebs and we’re getting plenty of this content for the back to school season.

Holly Willoughby took to Instagram today (Monday) to share a sweet pic of herself and her sister Kelly heading off to school in their uniforms.

And we can confirm that Holly Willoughby has somehow not changed a bit since she was a little girl.

In case you somehow don’t know, Holly is on the left side, and while she has slightly darker she’s got the exact same smile decades later.

She wrote: “Me and my sis @ladywilloughby off to school many many moons ago… and now It’s a new school year… perhaps there’s a new school to discover and new friends to make. Whatever challenges you are faced with this September… attack them with all the self-belief, hard graft and determination you can muster… you’ve got this guys! #back2school”

It’s back to reality for Holly too, who returns to This Morning with Philip Schofield after a summer break.

Fans are delighted to have her back and we can’t wait to lust after everything she wears on the show.


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