If You’re Angry About #Brexit, The #NotInMyName Hashtag Is One You Need To Follow This Morning

'What have we done? This result doesn't speak for me.'


In an unprecedented move in European politics, British citizens have voted to leave the European Union. The official result was confirmed in the early hours of this morning, with the Leave campaign winning by a margin of just over one million votes.

As Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe woke up to the landmark news, the hashtag #NotInMyName began trending, with those unhappy with the result tweeting to express their anger, disappointment and shock.

Notably, around 58% of votes aged over 65 voted to leave the EU, with just 39% of those aged 25 – 49 voting the same, something which has struck a negative chord with many young citizens.

Here are just some of the tweets from those struggling to comprehend what a non-EU Britain might mean for our future…

What do you think of this morning’s result?