Is Maya Leaving Selling Sunset?

What would we do without her sassy comments?!


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Since season three of Selling Sunset has aired, it feels like the drama surrounding the show has been non-stop. While on-screen, the season was wild, off-screen it has been even wilder. In recent weeks more information on Chrishell and Justin’s split has come to light, one half of the Oppenheim group, Brett left the company, Chrissy Teigen has hinted at the entire agency being fake, Mary and Romain admitted that their on-screen wedding wasn’t their actual wedding, and now, other members of the cast are threatening to leave. *deep breath*.

Being forced to respond to rumours that she has quit the show, Maya Vander, the least problematic of the group has set the record straight.

Understandably, fans of the show jumped to the assumption that Maya will not be appearing in the next season of the hit reality show, as at the end of season three she suggested that she wasn’t happy in LA and was considering moving to Miami and setting up her own agency. Maya has since gone on to welcome her second child into the world, so many assumed that it would be bye-bye for Maya.


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However, Maya has now said that this isn’t true. Clearing up the rumours with People magazine, she said:

“No, I’m not leaving. I’m staying with Jason,”

Going on to say that she is splitting her time between Miami and LA a little more than before, she says that she has some clients both in Miami and in LA.

“I’m actually working with a few potential, very good clients with him in LA. Just focusing on Miami a lot, but I have a couple of pretty interesting clients that I might have to make the trip to LA for.”


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While Maya hasn’t left the Oppenheim group, we still might not be seeing her face on our screens as often as we would like for the next season of Selling Sunset, explaining why she said:

“If I can be involved with season four somehow, I’ll be involved with it, but I just have to take it as it comes, because I don’t know even when we’re going to film. I would have to figure out how to manage it all with two little children.”

Well, we certainly hope that Maya makes it work somehow, becasuse we’re not sure what the show would be like without her sassy comments.


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