It Seems Coleen Rooney Has Sacked Her Legal Team In Rebekah Vardy Case

So the Wagatha Christie saga continues...


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Ah, the celeb feud that had us all on the edge of our seats, the iconic moment when Coleen Rooney accused Rebecca Vardy of leaking stories about her to the press. It’s been a hot minute since we all delved deeply into the drama, but since then, Rebekah had demanded a public apology from Coleen. And now, apparently, Coleen has sacked her legal team right in the middle of the dispute, after they informed her that her case against Rebekah Vardy wasn’t ‘very strong’.

“Coleen thought it was a total certainty she was in the right,” a source told The Sun. “But now she’s been told she may have made some mistakes along the way and is keen to shift the blame to anyone else. It’s a total mess.” They’re claiming that Coleen has not admitted to “a crucial detail of her efforts to catch Becky red-handed”, which could end up costing “the whole case”.


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They added, “Coleen still won’t back down — and now she’s decided who to hold responsible, she is planning to fork out big time and hire a very expensive London legal team who are specialists in media and privacy work.”

It had previously been reported that Rebekah and Coleen would attempt to settle their legal dispute on Zoom (thanks to Coronavirus), in a bid to avoid an expensive court case. However, it was then reported that the pair couldn’t agree on a ‘way forward’, meaning the case was escalated to London’s High Court.

Ever since Coleen claimed ‘it’s…. Rebekah Vardy’s account’ (that line will forever be iconic, let’s be honest here), Rebekah denied the allegations. A source previously told The Sun, “Becky is adamant she’s done nothing wrong and while she wants an end to this ongoing legal battle, she also wants to be vindicated. Becky has told her team she wants a public apology. She was really hurt that Coleen went straight on social media to lay blame at her door, rather than speaking to her privately.”

Who’d have thought the Wagatha Christie saga would still be ongoing, eh?


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