Jess Chatted Feminism With Ched On Love Island Last Night And Fair Play To Her

You love to see it

Ah, Love Island, the topic of many a recent discussion. Rarely a day goes by that we’re not writing up content on the trials and tribulations taking place in that villa. Callum is a rat, Siannise and Luke T must be protected at all costs, and Jess, well she’s chatting to her potential love interest about political movements.

If you happened to miss last night’s episode, Jess and Ched moved their chat on from standard ‘what’s your usual type then’, to speak about something a lot more pressing -equal rights.

Bringing up the topic of feminism, Jess simply asked Ched”

“Are you a feminist, Ched?”

To which he replied:

“Yeah! In jobs, women should get paid the same as men obviously.”

Jess was obviously delighted with the revelation that her man sees her as an equal, and went on to say:

“Being a feminist doesn’t mean you’ve got to be some raging, radical feminist. Like not, ‘I want some to have more rights than men,’

“It’s important to remember that before, women weren’t even allowed to work,” replied Ched.

And sure isn’t he dead right.

Jess even went on to mention the increase of women working in STEM, while Ched kind of let things slip a little by saying women wouldn’t be the best at scaffolding but we’ll let that one slide.

“It would be weird to see a female scaffolder though, wouldn’t it?”

“I would like to be a woman scaffolder, it’s great to see women engineers… I think there are a lot more women involved in that now than there were,” Jess said.

Although not the most eloquently put, and slightly off target with what radical feminism actually is, the sentiment was still there, and fans of the show were happy to see a conversation take place that didn’t involve the words ’cracking on’ and/or ‘it is what it is’.

We’ll take what we can get k.


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