Jess’s Twin Sister Eve Is Heading Back Into The Villa Tonight

V emosh

Ex Love Island contestant Eve Gale is set to return to the villa again tonight, and we’re getting the popcorn ready.

Okay, maybe things will be less drama and more totes emosh, as Eve is heading back into the villa to pay her twin sister Jess a visit, during the family visits.

In an emotional clip released earlier, we see the moment Eve surprised Jess by waltzing back into the villa as she speaks to her parents.

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Speaking after their reunion Jess says:

“When Eve came through – I couldn’t believe it! It’s the best feeling!”

Unfortunately for Eva, her time in the villa didn’t last too long, as she was booted off the island after the show’s first recouping.

Jess, however, went on to find romance with fellow islander Ched, who made things ‘exclusive’ this week during their final date (Oooh).

Meanwhile, there are a lot of other emotional reunions, as the rest of the islanders reconnect with their families after being away from them for a number of weeks.

The first look clip reveals that one couple will be dumped from the Island, just 2 days before the live final.

This will be exciting.

Check out the emotional reunions below.


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