Kim Kardashian Admits She Thought Addison Rae Was ‘Hooking Up’ With Kourtney In New Clip

Well, this is an awkward dinner.


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It’s *almost* the moment we’ve waited for. Addison Rae’s highly speculated appearance in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

After creating a blossoming and surprising relationship with the eldest Kardashian and mom-of-three Kourtney, the unlikely duo had people questioning their friendship since the beginning, including their close knit family.

In the teaser for the new episode, we see that the TikTok star is invited over for dinner with the family, expect everyone is present besides Kourtney.

Explaining that the family wanted to suss out the 20-year-old, Kim reveals that she thought Addison and Kourtney were “hooking up” for “like a second” given the unusual bonding.

Agreeing that he thought they were now an item, Scott Disick chimes in by adding that it’s OK if the pair are actually together. “It’s OK if you are, nobody judges” admits Scott while adding that he still thinks that his ex girlfriend and mother to his three kids, Kourtney could be dating Addison.

With the family are all gathered around the table, Addison politely denies the rumours, saying she can’t believe that’s the impression that they gave off but that the pair are just really close.

Watch the clip below!

Addison and Kourtney are also set to star in a new movie together, He’s All That, a remake of the 90s classic She’s All That with a lead flip.

In the film, Addison is set to play the main star, a popular influencer who tries to turn a geeky high schooler into the prom king as part of a bet, while it’s not specified what part Kourtney will play yet, it’s believed to be just a cameo appearance.

Whatever way, we’re excited to see what comes.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns this week, Friday for Hayu subscribers and Sunday on E!


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