Love Island’s Luke M Has Denied Rumours That He Cheated On Demi

The two seem closer than ever

Love Island’s Luke M has been forced to deny cheating rumours, after a story emerged that he went home with a student after a nightclub appearance last week. 

When Love Island contestants leave the villa to begin their new lives in the public, a string of public appearances come along with their newfound fame. 

Rumours emerged last week that Luke M had gone behind girlfriend Demi’s back and cheated on her with a student from Cardiff during a nightclub appearance. 

A source told the Mirror Online, that the two has spent a while in the club ‘getting to know each other’ before shortly heading back to Luke M’s hotel room to record a birthday message for one of her friends, which is where the alleged cheating took place. 

However, since the gossip has come about, it has been stated that Demi is aware of the situation but unbothered. 

A source close to Luke M has shut down any speculation, saying:

“Luke is aware that there are rumours he cheated doing the rounds on social media, but there’s no truth to it,

“He didn’t sleep with this woman or kiss her, and the video filmed with her was a birthday message she wanted him to record for a friend”

They also added: “The woman didn’t stay the night with him and nothing happened between them. Demi is aware of the rumours and are no issues here”

Both Luke and Demi have been going long distance since they left the villa last month, with Luke in Redcar in the north-east and Demi in Portsmouth in the south of the country. 

However, long-distance or not there has been no shortage of cute social media snaps of the two, and just recently Demi took to her Instagram to let fans know that she and Luke are closer than ever, despite the obstacles put in their way.  

In a recent Q&A she said: 

“Me and Luke are doing so good since leaving the villa, I actually feel like we’ve become closer.

“I don’t really know how that’s happened because we’re not together all the time, but distance really makes the heart grow fonder,”

Okay, lads enough messing, just get married already.


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