Missing Bridgerton? My Lady Jane Might Be Right Up Your Alley

Lady Danbury, who?

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If watching Penelope and Colin pine for each other in Bridgerton season 3 didn’t quench your thirst for a good period drama, then we present to you My Lady Jane, a period drama recently added on Amazon Prime that we think you’ll love most ardently. Here’s the rundown. 

My Lady Jane is more or less based on the tragic story of the real historical figure Lady Jane Grey, who holds the record for shortest reign in the history of the British monarchy. Jane Grey was unexpectedly crowned queen at just seventeen years old, and was tragically executed only nine days into her reign. While the true story of Jane Grey is very interesting and definitely worth looking into, you might be glad to hear that My Lady Jane offers a version of this story that isn’t nearly as, well, depressing. 

Prime Video’s My Lady Jane is based on the YA novel written by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows in 2016. The authors push the idea that this is a reimagining of Lady Jane Grey’s story, and that they did not try to make it historically accurate, because according to the synopsis, “sometimes history needs a little help.”

via Prime Video

While the show does revolve around Grey’s notoriously short reign and her apparent love of learning and knowledge, Lady Jane (played by Emily Bader) is a witty and ambitious teenage girl who dreams of writing her own book.

When she is unexpectedly made queen, partly as a result of the actions of her politically ambitious family, she has to navigate her way around the monarchy, including new friends and enemies. The show aims to reimagine Lady Jane Grey as an independent and strong leader, instead of just a damsel in distress with a tragic ending. 

That’s not where the twists end, however. The authors deviated from the true story again by replacing the conflict between Protestants and Catholics, which was the historical context of the real Jane Grey being crowned, with a conflict between Ethians (shapeshifters, essentially) and Verities (normal humans). So, whether you love stories about history, royalty or fantasy, this is the show for you. 

Oh, and of course there’s romance in there too. The show follows the relationship between Jane Grey and her husband Guildford Dudley, played by Edward Bluemel, who you might recognise from hit shows Sex Education and Killing Eve. The couple are forced to work through new responsibilities and challenges together as they adjust to royal life.

Other notable actors starring in the show include Dominic Cooper, playing Lord Seymour, and Anna Chancellor, who plays Lady Frances Grey.