My 10 Favourite Things By Ireland’s Eurovision 2015 Entrant Molly Sterling

Just before she hopped on a plane to fly the green, white and gold at Eurovision in Vienna, we found out what makes 17-year old singer, songwriter and student Molly Sterling sparkle!

Molly Sterling Eurovision Vienna Playing WIth Numbers

My favourite:

Food… Indian… or toast. What a combination, yum!

Place to go shopping… There’s a jewellery shop in Temple Bar called MAgne. They sell pieces by Irish craft designers; there’s stuff made from guitar strings – I love it!

Part of the day… Whenever I’m drinking coffee! Usually it’s a cappuccino, if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll throw in a cinnamon shot! My mum recently replaced my coffee stash with decaf stuff… and I didn’t even notice!

Country to visit… At the moment it’s Biarritz in France cause I have loads of friends there, plus it’s a really laid back place.

Present I’ve been given… A friend of mine does these spray painted pictures and he made me one for my birthday. It’s like a skeleton holding a heart with butterflies coming out of it – I’m obsessed with butterflies, especially black ones! The painting is so cool, such a thoughtful present – it’s on my Instagram.

molly - sterling - instagram - art

Shower song… Beyonce. No, no, lately it’s that Bob Marley song, Buffalo Soldier!

Eurovision song… Playing With Numbers of course!

Ah no, I used to love Lordi! (You definitely remember the hard rock, heavy metal, Finnish entry peeps)

Beauty product… I love lipstick but I use concealer most days, and without that I’d be stuck! You know what? I’m going to go with lippie – Diva by MAC.

Item in my wardrobe… An oversized vintage shirt that I wear every day. It’s long, blue and check, and it’s from Helter Skelter in Temple Bar!

Social media siteInstagram. I’m not the kind of person to tweet what I’m thinking every few minutes, that’s why I like Instagram – you can throw up a picture and it looks really deep!


Catch Molly at the Eurovision Semi Final on RTÉ 2 at 8pm, Thursday, 21st May