#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Sarah Hanrahan From I Come Undone

Her's is a blog with a bit of a twist. We chat to Sarah about her eclectic mix of interests.


Name: Sarah Hanrahan

Age: 29

Website: icomeundone.com

Instagram: @i_come_undone

How would you define your blog? It’s very diverse.

I initially started the blog with the vision of myself coming undone and all of my ideas coming out. I’d been living as a backpacker for two years so perhaps the hippy lifestyle had rubbed off a little! Once the blog was launched I stuck mostly to fashion but since September I’ve broadened the content. I guess I’d consider it an eclectic mix of my passions.

What’s your favourite category?

Fashion with a side of food! Dublin’s food culture is very strong in comparison to other larger cities that I’ve lived in. I’ve really enjoyed diving fork-first into all that our city’s restaurants have to offer! Outside of that, I love personal styling. It’s amazing how the right outfit can completely change your day.


What do you do now asides from blogging?

Outside of the glamorous life of blogging, I work full time as a detox nurse for Dublin’s homeless community… quite the paradox! I’m based in a residential facility in the city working day and night shifts. It can be hard to factor in time for blogging, seeing friends and actually getting a few minutes sleep sometimes! It’s a busy life but I’m living the life I want and I’m lucky to be able to say that.

What’s your favourite aspect of blogging?

Meeting new people! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people through blogging this year. It’s been so nice to create bonds with girls who feel as passionate about the same sort of random nonsense as I do!

What do you do on your downtime?

To be completely honest I’m struggling to find downtime at the moment but, if I get an evening off I’ll usually watch a movie with my boyfriend Sean. I also make a huge effort to incorporate fitness into my day-to-day life; for my mental and physical health equally. Exercise really helps to keep the demons at bay and, on a far more shallow note, there’s no point having nice clothes if you don’t feel good underneath them!

You’re a big foodie, where are your favourite restaurants to dine in Dublin?

Mulberry garden for a special occasion, Herbstreet or Canal Bank Cafe for brunch. I spend more of my money on food than I’d like to admit (or even calculate!) but dining out is my favourite way to socialise these days.

Do you cook yourself?

I don’t! That’s something I have no flair for whatsoever. I’m well able to whip something up but get very little joy out of kitchen duties. My mum is a phenomenal cook, as is Sean, so I’ve managed to avoid the seemingly laborious chore by always living with my own personal chefs!

How often is your shopping done in vintage and charity shops?

Keeping an individual style and not being a slave to the high street’s trends is very important to me so vintage and thrift shopping is an absolute must. I get such joy out of uncovering charity shop gems and love that I can find quite literally anything when out on one of my thrfting ventures.


What’s the best part of shopping in those places?

As much as I love our fair city, it doesn’t have the wildest variety of shopping options so vintage and charity shops are my go-to for adding the element of surprise to my wardrobe. Of course we couldn’t pass this question without touching on the cost but I’ve come to value the diversity over discount.

Best gem you’ve ever found?

I love my coats. I have many beautifully tailored long vintage coats that I’ve acquired from charity shops for next to nothing, they go beautifully with anything, are such timeless pieces and are unbelievably warm.

What are your other go-to shopping destinations?

I love using Depop and do venture into the world of online shopping every now and again but I much prefer to try things on. I’m a huge fan of the Dublin flea market too. If you find a snazzy girl selling snazzy threads in there you’ll have your entire wardrobe remodeled for a few quid!

Where do you get your outfit inspo?

Mostly from really organic sources, I don’t consciously seek out inspiration. I’m without doubt influenced by anything and everything around me on a daily basis though. I love people watching and taking in the daily street styles of Dublin’s population.


How would you describe your style?

I like minimal boyish looks or simple styles with a quirky twist. My favorite way of dressing is bringing a juxtaposition into the look by teaming something like an androgynous base with a bold lip or adding a plaid shirt and leather jacket to a silk slip dress.

What would you like to tell new bloggers taking off?

Don’t get into it for the wrong reasons. The blogging world has exploded in Ireland and is now seen by some people as an easy ride to a more glamorous lifestyle, it’s not. Getting to a decent level takes incredibly hard graft, long hours and dedication.

I started blogging after being out of Ireland for two years and had no clue about any of the events or ‘freebies’ that bloggers were getting. Instagram didn’t even come onto my radar until I’d bought my domain! Being clueless meant that I got into it purely because I loved fashion.

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