Nas and Demi Have Their First Kiss On Tonight’s Love Island

We feel like a proud mother

We interrupt your day to bring you some very important news – Nas FINALLY gets a kiss on tonight’s episode of Love Island.

While this season has been a little slow to really get going, it’s safe to say that things are now ticking along quite nicely, with a little drama a la Rebecca, and Mike and Leanne. But there is one islander that has caught the attention of the nation for all the right reasons. That person is none other than little Nas.

After getting off to a bad start, Nas has been struggling to find his Mrs. Right, while all those around him snuggle up and crack on with one another – but all that is set to change, and we couldn’t be more delighted for him.

Since entering the villa earlier this week, Nas seems to be hitting things off with newbie Demi, and tonight that will seal their love with a smooch.

In a heartfelt private chat between the two, Nas tells Demi just how much she means to him, and that he couldn’t quite imagine getting to know anyone else in the villa.

Uttering the same sentiments back, they seal the deal with a kiss and our hearts, they simply cannot.

Meanwhile, drama is continuing to kick off between Jess and Mike.

After the recouping Mike assures Jess that if he had his way he would have chosen her. But again, Jess isn’t really having any of it and tells him:

“I know that if this hadn’t happened with Leanne, you wouldn’t be saying it. I’m not sure whether you’re being genuine… your head’s all over the place.”

Set em’ straight gal.

Check out the teaser above.


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