Paige Turley Has Responded To That Comment Lewis Capaldi Made About Her £50k

None for you, Lewis

Remember that gas comment Lewis Capaldi made about his ex-girlfriend Paige when she entered the Love Island villa? Well, Paige is finally out of the island and back to normality, and has had an equally gas response to Lewis’ comment.

To refresh your memory, back in January Lewis joked about Paige entering the show, saying that it’s likely she got where she is because of him. He also went on to say that he’s entitled to a fair share of the winnings should she be crowned the winner.

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Fast forward X amount of weeks later and Paige was in fact crowned the winner. On Sunday night we watched Paige and Finn become the winners of Winter Love Island and split their £50k 50/50, (because they love one another and are sound out).

But, will they be splitting their winnings with a certain Mr. Capaldi?

Em no.

Being told about Lewis’ comments, Paige said:

“That’s just Lewis, it comes as no surprise he said that.”

“But I can’t give him any money because once I pay off my debts there’ll be nothing left.”

Absolutely fair.

Paying off debts isn’t all the two are planning on spending their new small fortune on, however. They have revealed that they will be both leaving their hometowns to meet somewhere in the middle – that somewhere being Manchester – and they will be buying an apartment together.

Since leaving the villa Finn has also revealed that there are absolutely no hard feelings between him and Paige’s ex Lewis – in fact, the two might even be collaborating together sometime in the future.

“I’ve got a shower-singing album coming out and hopefully he’ll feature on a couple of tracks with me.

“I want to collaborate with him and win Best Newcomer at the Brits next year.”

Gas! We’ll be pre-ordering that one.


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