Pssst Lily James’ New Movie ‘Rebecca’ Just Landed On Netflix

Stuck for something to watch this evening? This might be for you

It’s day one of lockdown 2.0 and many of us are distracting ourselves from the mess we’re in by planning what to watch during our evenings at home. While some people were clever enough to save the likes of Emily In Paris, and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for this exact scenario, some of us didn’t have that foresight and have played ourselves by leaving nothing decent to get stuck into over the upcoming weeks.

However, for us impatient Annies, there isĀ someĀ good news. Lily Jame’s and Arnie Hammer’s new movie ‘Rebecca’ has just landed on streaming service Netflix, and we’re ready to get stuck in.

Based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier, the film sees a host of famous faces come together, like Kristin Scott Thomas and Keeley Hawes. The film has been described as Netflix as a “mesmerising and gorgeously rendered psychological thriller.”

The plot follows the story of a young newlywed played by Lily James arriving at her husband’s imposing family estate in England. Of course, things aren’t so straightforward, as the young woman soon finds herself haunted by and battling the shadow of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca.

The film is 2 hours long and is currently in the top 10 most watched on Netflix – so definitely not one you want to miss!

Star Lily James has been in the spotlight recently for reasons other than her new film, however. Earlier this month pictures of Lily kissing and cuddling with married actor Dominic West hit headlines.

Concerns were raised for Dominic’s marriage, however, his wife, Irish woman Catherine FitzGerald has insisted that there’s nothing wrong and their marriage is ‘strong’.

Since the scandal, Lily has cancelled many public appearances promoting her new movie, until last night when she appeared virtually on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As expected, the Dominic scandal was not mentioned.