Revealed: This Is The Maximum Amount Of Weight You Can Gain In A Single Day

Permission to eat that cake, granted.

Food cravings

Praise be! Is this the best day ever or is this the best day ever? First we learned that cheat meals are good for you (For reals, an expert has said they’re key to staying motivated and on track and can help with sustained weight loss) and now we’re finding out that no matter how much food you gobble up in one day, there is a limit to how much weight you can gain.

That’s right, you can eat McDonald’s for breakfast, pizza for brunch, ice cream for dinner, add in some snacks and wash the whole lot down with a bottle of wine and the maximum amount of weight you can gain will be 1lb. Yep, just One. Single. Pound.

According to nutrition expert Samantha Cassetty you’d need to eat a whole extra 3,500 calories to put on a pound and even then it’s virtually impossible to gain weight within 24 hours.

‘Though it’s not 100 percent precise, the basic principle stands true,” she writes in an article for Women’s Health. “In order to gain weight, you’d have to eat 3,500 more calories than you typically eat and burn off to maintain your figure.’

While that should certainly alleviate any guilt you have about overindulging at the weekend, it doesn’t necessarily give you free reign to eat everything in sight.

Chatting to us back in July nutritional coach Lyda Borgesteign suggests sticking with the 80/20 rule. “80% of the time you keep on track with your diet and the other 20% is your ‘room for error’ zone.’”

Yep, that means 20% of the time you can indulge in whatever you fancy.

Sounds like pretty sound advice to us.