Rihanna’s Fenty Store Features Curvy Mannequins And Fans Are Delighted

"The mannequin has a little tum and hips. Rihanna gets it"

We’ve spoken before about Miss RiRi’s quest for world domination.

She’s got the music industry covered, her lingerie range is huge and her Fenty Beauty collection received loads of praise for her diverse shade range.

So when she announced that she was also working on some high-end fashion fans were super excited, even if it’s a little expensive to just be casually adding to your cart while browsing.

The pieces are a mix of tailored high-end Boss bitch styles, and fun nostalgic Asian-inspired prints.

This week fans were nothing short of ecstatic to see curvy mannequins used in her NYC pop-up store.

The mannequin is wearing a bright orange slip dress that we adore, and is above the average size of the sometimes stick-thin mannequins we’re used to seeing.

Fans were especially delighted to see a mannequin that they looked like.

Here’s what people had to say:

For now, it seems that the pieces go up to a size XXL which seems to be a UK size 16. So while it’s incredible to see a mannequin that is on the higher end of their size scale, we’d love to see even more sizes included.

We’re slowly but surely starting to see a change in mannequins sizing thanks to the likes of Fenty and Nike, who last month encouraged a huge conversation about representation in stores.

Plus, it’s not the first time Rihanna’s methods of modelling has received praise.

Last month, a model with facial scars was the face of her Fenty campaign, helping more women to feel represented.

Keep it up RiRi!


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