Roz Purcell Speaks Candidly About Professional Failures And Staying Motivated

She shared all in a recent Instagram post.


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Roz Purcell has opened up about her personal and professional failures in a candid Instagram post.

Known for her honest posts where she promotes body positivity, this time Roz reminded people that it’s totally normal to ‘fail’ sometimes. Going into detail about her own failures, Roz told her 450k followers that she has had multiple business ventures that have fallen flat.

The first is when she set up a body scrub brand named “ripe”, which, following low sales she had to scrap after two years in business. The second, Roz says was a Cafe she tried to set up but was unable to do so.

“This place can definitely make you feel like you’re not enough, no one shares all the failures or mistakes they’ve had along the way,” she said in the post.

“In the past few years I’ve started a business that didn’t work out (Ripe) simply just didn’t make enough turn over. I avoided talking about it, I was embarrassed & disappointed.”

Going on to speak openly about her failures, Roz added that she didn’t pursue her degree when she was so close to graduating, something she now admits to feeling ‘insecure’ about.

“Lastly not finishing my degree something I do get very insecure about,” she said.


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Reminding people that social media is not real life, Roz said that so often people can use online to disguise the things that they don’t want to share, creating a perfect life for the followers to see.

“I guess what I want today’s post to be about is it probably seems like everything always works out but I fail a lot more than show, I fail big, make bad decisions and feel like I’m rushing to succeed because online it seems like no one ever fails,” Roz wrote.

“It’s definitely something I wish people posted about more I think it would be almost reassuring it’s normal, it’s life, it’s ok, it’s a bit shit but it happens to everyone. ”

In the comments section of the post, Roz encouraged her followers to share their own failures, in a bid to normalise conversation around it. Her honesty didn’t go unnoticed by fans, with many of them thanking her.


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“Needed this today after having a breakdown and feeling I’m not achieving anything lately and everyone around me is growing and achieving so much. Thanks you for normalising the feelings and reminding me not everything is sunshine and daisies for everyone,” one wrote.

“Roz, I seldomly comment on posts but for this one, I have to salute your honesty. Thank you for showing that us, humans, are vulnerable beings. I also faced multiple failures in running businesses. But they say experience is the best teacher, right?” said another.


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