Seann Walsh Finally Addressed The Kiss Drama On Strictly Last Night & It Was Awks….

Last night saw Seann Walsh and dance partner Katya Jones voted off Strictly Come Dancing, three weeks after getting caught shifting the faces off each other.

Whether you’re happy or sad about seeing the ‘love rat’ kicked to the curb by both Strictly viewers and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries, you have to admit – the drama was in full flow.

Following his elimination, reports emerged that the comedian was raging and even ‘stormed off’ the dance floor once cameras stopped rolling…. interesting.

But what we did see was Katya’s awkward facial expressions when Seann addressed the kissing scandal while chatting to Tess after the show – and she also kind of shaded him on Twitter after?


“When you watch it and hear people at the end say this has been the best experience in my life, I don’t think you don’t really believe but this has been without a doubt the best experience of my life.” Seann said in his post dance off interview.

“Probably bar the last few weeks. But generally speaking from the beginning it really was. I can’t believe it, it’s been amazing.”

Will you miss these two!?